Thursday, January 17, 2008

VI 3.5: Consolidation Extension

At a client we are installing VI 3.5 with all bells and whistles. All is going well, and the number of features that were added in this version is quite impressive.

One of the new things is the addition of extensions (on the server side) and plugins (on the client side). The new update manager is one of them, but also an extension is available for light capacity planning including a VC snap-in for VMware converter.

We started the capacity planner wizard (because it is required before one can actually do a conversion). The wizard asks us for an account to start the service. After that, it apparently starts to scan the AD (automated inventory) without ever asking. This inventory is currently running for over a day! I agree, it is a large domain, but shouldn't the wizard have asked me if I wanted to do that or not?

BTW: When using the capacity planner tool, you explicitly have to start an inventory job, which I hardly ever use.

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