Tuesday, March 13, 2007

VMware Training

I'm currently on a VMware training session (Virtual Infrastructure 2.0, ESX 3). This is really interesting, especially because I can refresh my Linux background a little bit.


Katrijn Vanhemelrijck said...

Beste Toni,

Ik vond je profiel via linked in, en via google kwam ik terecht op deze blog.

Ik vroeg me eigenlijk af of je eventueel zou open staan voor een nieuwe functie.

U kan me steeds iets laten weten.


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Anonymous said...

I think that the VCP certification is a scam and VMware training is a scam.

The requirement of taking a class or classes from VMware in order to get their certification for the test is unique. Microsoft does not require that you take their classes in order to be certified, and neither does Novell and I don't think most other companies do either.

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