Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Year for Desktop Management

Happy New Year !

Earlier this week, we organized a seminar at Brussels concerning 'Desktop Management'. During this seminar, I discussed 3 tools/technologies that can help you a lot in dealing with the front-end experience of business users. Business users are those people that have to get their job done without having to care about what is behind. The 3 tools are:

  • Terminal Server / Citrix
  • Softricity
  • PowerFuse
In order to explain what these tools can do for the business, I developed 3 'prototype' cases in which they can be applied. Using imaginary cases has the benefit that you can create a solution that is clearly suited for the case. Real-life situations are not like this, those are always 'grey' and have to be analyzed carefully based on business and IT requirements and total cost of ownership.

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